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Building a commerce search that begins with people

Empathy Platform believes in search as a meaningful conversation between brands and shoppers. Such an exchange can only take place where there is trust, understanding, and joy.

Leading the way in ethical, empathetic commerce search & discovery

Empathy Platform is a trusted search and discovery solution that helps connect shoppers with your products by offering joyful shopping experiences, ethical personalization, and powerful merchandising tools. Empathy Platform drives control and transparency over search suggestions and results, while giving merchandisers the tools and insights they need to design engaging commerce experiences.

The essence of Empathy Platform is based on six key aspects:

Headless architecture

Empathy Platform uses a headless approach with API-first backend microservices that are fully decoupled from the composable frontend. Gain all the advantages of decentralized governance and data management, and build an expressive digital experience that represents your brand.

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Extensible productivized microservices

Empathy Platform’s autonomous core microservices are extended via plugins to give you flexibility and control. Tailor the configuration of the search and discovery behavior to your specific business needs, without being locked out of innovation and new developments.

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Composable experience layer with ready-made components

Interface X and Interface X for Apps UI components provide incremental value to your frontend: the more you add, the more features you get. The open-source libraries offer a design-first experience where you have complete control over the look & feel.

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Playful controls & clear understanding of relevance

Empathy Platform Playboard brings the configuration of commerce search and discovery to your fingertips with no-code controls. Expressive WYSIWYG tooling, real-time analytics, and insightful data visualizations help merchandisers understand and curate the digital experience.

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Scalable and reliable, cloud-agnostic infrastructure

Empathy Platform can be deployed as a hosted solution, in single tenancy or multi tenancy, in your private cloud in the cloud environment of your choice (AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure - the list doesn’t stop there) or a PaaS, giving you complete flexibility and absolute control over your data & code, while getting high performance and scalability.

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Single source of truth for merchandisers and developers

In a world where the speed of change means that knowledge often goes undocumented, transparency is key. Empathy Platform Docs offers everything you need to know about Empathy Platform to make your implementation a success.

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