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Analyze the search and discovery experience

Data is key in ensuring your search experience is successful and in detecting opportunities. What are your shoppers interested in finding? How can you identify any frustrated searches and implement measures so the shopping journey doesn't end in a dead end? Do shoppers find what they want straightaway or do they need to refine their searches or browse several pages of results to locate what they're looking for?

Analyze search and discovery

Empathy Platform offers several analytics and explainability features to help you to track search performance, to model and understand your shoppers' behavior, and to measure the quality of your search relevance so you can make data-driven decisions to improve the search & discovery experience:

Empathy Platform also offers an insights feature to help you track navigation performance to improve the discovery experience:


Track the evolution in search in terms of users, queries and sessions and visualize KPIs such as CTR, add-to-cart, and findability for your search experience. In addition to the standard reports offered by the Statistics API, Empathy Platform Playboard offers, in the Insights section of the Playboard menu, these analytics features:


Be inspired by your shoppers’ journey. Get a deeper understanding of the shopping experience. Fuelled by the Statistics microservice, Empathy Platform Playboard provides these insights:


Get the full picture of what is happening in your search experience, why a product appears in a certain position, and how your search configuration affects ranking.

Discovery Insights

Explore the discovery journey of your shoppers and scan KPIs such as views, clicks, findability, and add-to-cart for your navigation performance.