Configure the search microservice

Configure the search microservice

The Search section in the Instance Management tool displays the configuration of the Search microservice. The Search microservice is responsible for searching and retrieving information from the search engine. It uses a search plugin to customize the search engine behavior, i.e. how queries are formed, how results are presented, etc.

You can view the features set up in the Search plugin and the endpoint structure in the Search section.


Any changes made to this configuration affect how the search microservice works. If you require changes to the search engine behavior, contact Partner Enablement.

Empathy Partner Enablement sets up the Search microservice and plugin, taking into account the product catalogue that has been indexed, the desired features, and the customer’s requirements.

The Search section displays these fields:

  • Client configuration: Determines the configuration for the customer, including the number of resources assigned to the customer’s instance.
  • Feature configuration: Indicates the features used in the customer’s implementation, and the configuration of each feature.
  • Endpoint configuration: Defines the endpoint structure, with the requestors that determines the block of information retrieved from the index, and the features used by each requestor.

The Search plugin and Search microservice are automatically reloaded every time the configuration is saved.

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