Related Tags UI

Related Tags UI

The Related Tags UI component helps your shoppers to refine a specific search query and find what they’re looking for with just one click. They only appear after the search process is completed, and the results appear to fine-tune the search with extra information and get highly relevant results. They are shown as labels usually at the top of the results page, but can be displayed anywhere instead.

Related Tags


Related Tags are generated using collective shopper behavior to identify associated terms used to refine a search query. For a correct performance, make sure that your current search service supports this type of feature.


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Tailor the web experience

  • Configure the position and place it wherever you prefer, although Related Tags usually appear below the search bar after completing the search.
  • Show as many Related Tags as you want.
  • Animate the display of Related Tags at your ease.
  • Customize content. Show whatever you need: text, images, icons.


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