Attribute Ranking overview

Prominently feature key brands without noticeably affecting other search results

Attribute Ranking lets you boost or bury a group of products based on product attributes. Attribute ranking can be used to promote or decrease the positioning of specific product groups in search engine results pages (SERP) and product category pages (PCP).

By boosting a specific product attribute, products that match that attribute are moved up in position in the list, overriding their organic product scoring. Alternatively, products with a specific attribute can be buried, sending them deeper on the results pages.

For attribute ranking on the SERP, you indicate the specific search query to be associated with the attribute boost or bury, regardless of whether that search term appears in the searchable fields for the product in your product catalogue.

Attribute Ranking

For example, for the search query “dress”, the best selling black dresses are shown in the first positions of the results list. You want to promote a specific brand, Brand A, that has 7 dresses that currently appear on the second and third page of the results, since they have a lower popularity compared to other results. You can use the Boost option to send all dresses for that brand higher in the results. While Brand A dresses may appear before all other results for the specific search query, they are ordered according to their product score. Since Brand A dress 1 that has a higher product score due to dynamic relevance and term matching being placed first, Brand A dress 2 that has a lower matching score compared to dress 1 appearing next, and so on successively.

Spot the difference

Attribute Ranking and Equalize both use the product attributes of your product catalogue to determine the ordering of results. However, their purpose is different. Attribute Ranking changes the order in which products appear according to a specific product attribute, boosting or burying products with that specific product attribute higher or lower in the results. Whereas, Equalize determines the overall importance of the product attribute in calculating the product scoring.

Try Attribute Ranking to…

  • Bring specific groups of products to the top of your product catalogue for a specific search query.
  • Feature key product groups in the first page of your product category page according to merchandising goals.
  • Hide product groups deeper in the product results that offer lower margins, are out of stock, or that you don’t want to actively promote.


You can change the ranking of specific product attributes using the Query Ranking tool in Empathy Platform Playboard.

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