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30. 07. 2021

Welcome to the eDocs portal!

Digital empathy is part of our identity (opens new window).
We strongly believe in giving control to our customers, revealing with clarity how and why a feature does what it does. So it’s a no-brainer that we want to be transparent about our solution too. That’s why we’re delighted to present our new self-service documentation portal eDocs.

Here you’ll find key information about the platform’s features: interactive diagrams and in-depth explanations so you understand what goes on in the background, recommendations on how to combine features, access to our APIs so your developers can leverage the platform’s features while remaining in control of the development, and clean code examples to get you started on the right track.

Start exploring now!

30. 07. 2021

Discover Empathy Platform

Unsure what’s the difference between popular searches and recommendations? Don’t quite know how to prevent zero results? Explore the different parts of the search experience from the Empathy Platform interactive map and learn more about the science behind Empathy Platform’s microservices.
Refresh your knowledge about search basics in the search & discovery overview, explore the multiple features offered by Empathy Platform that you can combine as you like, find out how capture shopper interaction in your shop, and see how to translate the features into an outstanding, well-structured and optimised search UI.

But the learning doesn’t stop there… Check back regularly for new articles, tips and tricks, and ideas on how to get the most from your search & discovery solution.

19. 05. 2021

Get better suggestions by capturing shopper interaction

Providing relevant results and suggestions is key for an effective commerce search experience. But Empathy Platform lets you track shopper interactions to offer better suggestions based on the wisdom of the crowd. Gather information when shoppers interact with the search box, click on a product from the results page, or add a product to cart to enrich the suggestions and recommendations in your store. Whether the interaction comes from search or navigation, you can track them in Empathy Platform. Check out the Capture Shopper Interaction section.

08. 04. 2021

Interface X & X Components are here!

If search is the front door to your product catalogue, then Interface X can make your door stand out from the rest! Discover Interface X, our open-source search interface layer for desktop and mobile. Find out more about the various X Components available and the architecture, and learn how to incorporate them in your development. You can even take a peak at our UI Reference documentation for X Components, including the Query Suggestions and Search Box modules, among others. We’re still working on offering you comprehensive information on all components, so more to follow soon! Check out the open-source project on GitHub (opens new window).

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