Enhancing merchant experiences with conversational AI in the Playboard

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You know that, at Empathy, we focus on creating tools that help merchants provide the best possible experience for their shoppers through the Empathy Platform Playboard. This comprehensive dashboard is designed to empower merchants to optimize their operations. However, for merchants to truly excel, they must also understand how the Playboard works and how to use it effectively. That's where our latest innovation comes in—integrating a conversational AI chatbot within the Playboard, aiming to streamline merchant operations and improve efficiency.

Do you remember our post series on fine-tuning Mistral for an enhanced content search experience? Then, you surely know that the GenAI search experience provided through our technical documentation EPDocs portal is based on a Mistral model to improve search capabilities and provide accurate information quickly. Since the Empathy Platform Docs model was trained and fine-tuned using the official documentation of the Empathy Platform product, it provides precise and contextually relevant responses, making it an invaluable tool for our documentation portal and many other scenarios.

So, guess what? We’ve decided to go one step further in the Playboard experience by leveraging our previous work with that Mistral-based Empathy Platform Docs model. We extended the model's application to the Playboard, bringing the same precision and efficiency to merchant interactions.

Private conversational AI Chatbot

We’ve defined a conversational AI chatbot to be implemented in the Empathy Platform Playboard. This tool acts as an expert co-worker, available to answer questions and provide merchants with assistance quickly and efficiently. Note that privacy is a top priority, so all interactions with the chatbot are completely private, ensuring merchants can use it with confidence.

Playboard's GenAI assistant chatbox
Fig. GenAI conversational experience chatbot in Empathy Platform Playboard

The chatbot is envisioned as a lightweight floating window, allowing merchants to ask straightforward questions or seek complex assistance without leaving the Playboard environment. The chatbot quickly answers with information from our extensive documentation, enhancing productivity and simplifying workflow.

Key features

Let’s review the chatbot’s most important capabilities:

  1. Immediate assistance: merchants can ask the chatbot anything about the Playboard and receive instant, accurate responses.
  2. Direct documentation links: the chatbot can provide direct links to specific documentation, saving valuable time.
  3. Complex query handling: the chatbot offers comprehensive answers to more detailed questions, including code snippets and step-by-step instructions.

The technology behind the chatbot

As we’ve mentioned before, this Playboard’s chatbot leverages the Empathy Platform Docs model with customized prompts to provide tailored responses suited to the Playboard environment. Our approach includes prompts at three different levels to ensure that the model returns accurate and relevant information regardless of the implementation scenario:

  • A system prompt that articulates the role of the AI, in this case, an Empathy Platform expert in our documentation.
  • An instruction prompt that uses frameworks and templates for structure responses.
  • A user prompt that represents the human input query.

Privacy is essential. All interactions with the chatbot are confidential, and there are no records or logs of the queries. To maintain the chatbot’s accuracy and relevance over time while upholding privacy, we use tools like Empathy’s Judge-the-Judgements for continuous human input and feedback that help us shape the model. This ensures the chatbot remains a reliable and helpful resource for merchants.

Looking ahead

Integrating this conversational AI chatbot is a significant milestone in enhancing merchant experiences. The new feature is expected to improve merchant operations and client service, contributing to overall business success. This is just a beta version, so more updates and innovations are coming as we continue to enhance the Empathy Platform Playboard.

Empathy is constantly innovating and ideating through Open Innovation initiatives that foster the development of AI-based, cutting-edge, built-in-public technologies that are driven by market evolution needs. Today's story is part of this Open Innovation. Like many of the features, tools, and functionalities finally implemented within Empathy Platform, their foundations lie in Open Innovation projects. Keep an eye on Open Innovations webpage (opens new window) and Empathy's roadmap to not miss anything!