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Develop using Interface X Archetype

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a search and discovery layer based on predefined features and components in a matter of minutes using the Interface X Archetype.

For this tutorial, the Empathy Search API is used, but you can use any search API. This guide requires knowledge of JavaScript and Vue.js.

Before you begin

To use Interface X Archetype as a search UI layer, you need:

  • Empathy Platform Search API (or any search API that you use to retrieve search data).
  • Empathy Platform Search Adapter to communicate with the Empathy Platform Search API (or the Empathy Search Adapter to connect with the search API you are using).
Steps to build a search layer using the X Archetype project:
  1. Clone the X Archetype project and initialize your repository.
  2. Install the project dependencies and run the project development server.
  3. Configure the search adapter.
  4. Configure the xPlugin.

Cloning the project and initializing your repository

Clone the X Archetype project (opens new window) from the GitHub repository to your target folder. You need a non-initialized repository, so make sure you remove the git folder from the cloned project.

// Clone the X Archetype project from GitHub
git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/empathyco/x-archetype.git <your-target-folder>
// Remove the git folder
rm -rf .git

coding tip

You can use Degit (opens new window) to clone the git repository without downloading the entire git history: npx degit https://github.com/empathyco/x-archetype.git <your-target-folder>.

Once you have cloned the project and removed the git history from the project, initialize the repository from the root directory.

// Initialize the repository
git init
git remote add origin <your-repository-url>
git add .
git commit -m "Initial X-Components Setup"
git push -u origin main

Then, replace the current repository name (@empathyco/x-archetype) with the name of your repository in the package.json file.

  "name": "<your-repo>",
  "author": "Empathy Systems Corporation S.L."

Installing the dependencies and executing the project

Install the project dependencies via npm in the root folder of your cloned repository. Then, you can run the project.

// Install the dependencies via npm
npm install
// Execute the project
npm run serve


For a full list of the project dependencies, check the package.json (opens new window) file in the Interface X Archetype repository.

Configuring the search adapter

Before using your project, configure the Empathy Platform Search Adapter in the x-archetype/src/adapter/adapter.ts file. The Empathy Platform Search Adapter contains a sample configuration for setup, global configurations, or mappers that points to a demo environment. You need to adjust the configuration according to the search features you use in your project.

Export the required search adapter with your configuration as you will need it for the search xPlugin configuration.


For detailed information about other configuration options in the Empathy Platform Search Adapter, go to the x-adapter-platform repository (opens new window).


Although you configure the values for the instance, language, scope, and endpoint options when integrating the project, you can still change these values when the project is deployed. Use the /x-archetype/public/snippet-script.js file to initialize values for lang, store, device, and catalog parameters.

For example, you may configure the adapter to use EN as lang so that when you search, the results are displayed in English. However, if you want to deploy the application in Spain, you want the lang to be ES. You change these values in the snippet-script.js file.

For detailed information, see Snippet configuration.

Configuring the plugin

The xPlugin initializes the properties needed by the X Components. It has key options that you can configure in the /x-archetype/src/x-components/plugin.options.ts file.

Since the X Archetype project operates as a layer and is designed to be integrated on top of any kind of website regardless the chosen technology, the XInstaller utility and its installXOptions object are designed to install the xPlugin, adding the connection between the X Components and the search API and bootstrapping the entire application with powerful APIs that are available in the window.InterfaceX object.

To configure the xPlugin, run this code:

import { InstallXOptions, XInstaller } from '@empathyco/x-components';
import App from './App.vue';
import store from './store';
import { adapter } from '../adapter';
export const installXOptions: InstallXOptions = {
  app: App
new XInstaller(installXOptions).init({
  instance: '<your-search-api-instance>',
  lang: '<your-application-language>',
  scope: '<your-application-scope>'

Next steps

Once you have your Interface X Archetype project, you're ready to integrate it in your store or extend the search and discovery experience to meet your business needs: