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Renders a button with a default slot. It receives a query, which should be the query of the module using this component, a suggestion, the XEvent that will be emitted on click with a given feature.

The default slot receives the suggestion and the matched query has props.


Name Description Type Default
query The normalized query of the module using this component. string ''
suggestion The suggestion to render and use in the default slot. Suggestion
feature The feature from which the events will be emitted. QueryFeature
suggestionSelectedEvents The XEvent that will be emitted when selecting a suggestion. Partial
highlightCurated Indicates if the curated suggestion should be highlighted. boolean


Name Description Bindings
(name - type - description)
default Button content query String - The query that the suggestion belongs to
suggestion Suggestion - Suggestion data
filter Filter - Suggestion's filter


This component emits the following events:

See it in action

This suggestion component expects a suggestion to render and pass to its default slot, a normalized query to compare with the suggestion's query and highlight its matching parts, and events to emit when the suggestion is selected.

If the suggestion contains a filter, it is displayed next to the suggestion.

Customise the content

You can make this component render any content you want by using the default slot.