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Component to be reused that renders a <button> with the logic of emitting events to the bus on click. The events are passed as an object to prop XEventsTypes. The keys are the event name and the values are the payload of each event. All events are emitted with its respective payload. If any event doesn't need payload a undefined must be passed as value.


Name Description Type Default
events (Required) A object where the keys are the XEvent and the values
are the payload of each event.


Name Description Bindings
(name - type - description)
default (Required) Button content with a text, an icon or both None


Basic example

The event prop is required. It will render a that emits the event passed as prop with the value as payload on click:

<BaseEventButton :events="{ myEvent: payload }" />

If the event doesn't need payload then undefined must be passed:

<BaseEventButton :events="{ myEvent: undefined }" />

It can emit multiple events at the same time:

<BaseEventButton :events="{ myFirstEvent: payload1, mySecondEvent: payload2 }" />