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Renders a next query item which receives the suggestion that will be rendered as a prop. It exposes a default slot to change the next query content. If the slot is not overridden, it will render the suggestion query by default.


Name Description Type Default
suggestion The suggestion to render and use in the default slot. NextQueryModel
highlightCurated Indicates if the curated next query should be highlighted. boolean false


Name Description Bindings
(name - type - description)
default Next Query content shouldHighlightCurated boolean - True if the curated NQ should be highlighted
v-bind Object - BaseSuggestion default slot scope: suggestion Suggestion - Suggestion data
query string - The query that the suggestion belongs to
filter Filter \

Dynamic Classes

NextQuery uses the following dynamic CSS classes so you can style it when is:

  • Curated: x-next-query--is-curated.


A list of events that the component will emit:


This components expects just a suggestion as a prop to be rendered. It has a slot to override the content. By default, it renders the suggestion query of the next query. It also has an optional prop, highlightCurated, to indicate if the curated Next Queries should be differentiated with a CSS class.

Basic Usage

Using default slot:

Overriding default slot.

The default slot allows you to replace the content of the suggestion button.