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Interface X data privacy and browser local storage

Interface X for web does not use cookies for storing data. The Interface X Components use the web browser's local storage to save the technical data required to provide the services associated with the search & discovery experience. The data remains in the shopper's device until the expiration time is reached or the shopper chooses to delete it.

More specifically, Interface X Components store the following elements in the browser's local storage:

Key Duration Purpose
x-session-id 30 minutes Short-term session ID to be sent to the Tagging API. It identifies short sessions in a device. It does not identify individual shoppers in any way. It's required for Analytics, Next Queries, and Related Tags features
x-session-time-stamp 30 minutes Timestamp for the current session ID
x-history-queries Stored until the shopper clears/disables the feature List of the searches performed that the shopper has chosen to store, which are shown in different steps of the search journey.