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Configure X-controls settings for product carousels

The X-controls section allows you to configure the settings for product recommendations' carousels that display relevant product suggestions for shoppers to discover your catalogue more efficiently.

Configure X-controls in Instance Management


Only Playboard users with permissions for Instance Management can set up and edit the X-controls settings.

When you access the X-controls configuration form for the first time, the Deactivated label appears beside the X-controls section in the side menu. This means that there is no active configuration for the service. Once you have created the configuration, you need to activate the X-controls.

To set up the X-controls settings, you complete these steps:

  1. Configure the settings for vectorized recommendations.
  2. Configure the settings for next queries recommendations.
  3. Determine the carousels layout.
  4. Save the configuration and activate the carousels.

Configuring vectorized recommendation settings

Vectorized recommendations' carousels display product recommendations related to an initial query that match the semantic intent of shoppers based on artificial intelligence and machine learning mechanisms.

You determine the configuration for verctorized recommendations in the Semantic Queries section:

  • Number of carousels: indicate how many carousels you want to display in your commerce store. You can display a maximum of 10 carousels.
  • Number of items per carousel: indicate the number of product results you want to display for each carousel. You can display a maximum of 24 products per carousel.

Configuring next queries recommendation settings

Next queries recommendations display product suggestions to guide shoppers on what to buy next based on an initial query.

You configure the settings in the Next Queries section. Indicate the number of next queries to be displayed in your commerce store, with a maximum of 10 recommendations.

Determining the layout

In the Layout section, you configure the margin between product cards in pixels, with a maximum value of 100 pixels.

Activating X-controls

Once you have updated the configuration and clicked Save, you need to activate the X-controls settings by turning on the toggle switch.