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Explore search and discovery features in Empathy Platform

Typeless experiences guide and inspire shoppers, intuitively anticipating their needs and providing fast and relevant search. Empathy Platform offers advanced search and discovery features to help achieve key commerce goals:

Refine search queries

Guide your shoppers to what they want, helping them to refine their search query by displaying additional search terms or new queries to get the results they intended with minimal effort.

Anticipate search results

Make shoppers feel special and understood by offering related searches that are relevant and match their intent. Redirect them instantly to the information and products they want.

Minimize shopper frustration

Transform zero results into opportunities. Offer shoppers the assistance they need to get back on track and continue their shopping journey.

Discover product catalogue

Entice shoppers to explore your catalogue by featuring new products. Suggest other related search queries to continue the conversation, and show what other shoppers liked.

Manage the search experience

Use advanced search features to provide the best experience.


Explore the interactive map to see how the Commerce Search & Discovery Experience is created with Empathy Platform.