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Redirections overview

Fast-forward your shoppers to their intended destination

Redirections are used to send shoppers directly to a specific URL from the search box, bypassing the search engine results page (SERP). They can be used to link to specific landing pages, product listing pages, or any other URL as required. For example, you can use redirections for zero results searches to redirect shoppers to other category pages that may be of interest, bring users to a blog entry when they search for “tips”, or link to the newsletter sign up page when they enter “subscribe”.



Redirections are one of the features you can use to minimize shopper frustration when faced with zero results, but Synonyms allow you to associate alternative keywords to related searches to always give relevant results, while Partial Results provides shoppers with a list of results that they might have been looking for.

Spot the difference

Don’t confuse Redirections with ID Results. ID Results redirect shoppers straight to the product detail page from the search box as they start to type a product ID that partially or fully matches a result, skipping the SERP. Redirections can be used with any URL you want: blog posts, product listing pages, member sign up page, or even other pages in your site such as store locations, Customer Support, shipping terms and conditions, or FAQs.

Try Redirections to...

  • Enhance the shopper experience. Bring shoppers directly to the information they’re looking for in a single click.
  • Minimize frustration by redirecting shoppers to useful landing pages when there are no results related to your product catalogue.