What's Empathy Platform Docs?

Bringing trust, understanding & joy to documentation

In a world where the speed of change means that knowledge often goes undocumented, transparency is key.

Empathy believes that transferring knowledge to customers and developers through documentation not only helps build bridges, but inspires delight and confidence.

Empathy Platform Docs, Empathy's self-service documentation portal, brings everything you need to know about Empathy's products & solutions in one place.


  • Reliable information, regularly revised for precision and clarity.

  • Access to the Empathy Platform’s Reference APIs to empower developers to take the best of our technology, while still remaining in complete control.

  • Latest updates to transparently show you what’s new in the platform.

  • An open dialogue to build on the knowledge shared through documentation feedback.


  • Engaging how-to guides and tutorials that put theory into practice.

  • Clean code examples to get you started on the right track.

  • Clearly explained feature descriptions with interactive diagrams to help you grasp the concept.


  • Practical use cases that inspire and bring features to life.

  • Interactive map to let you explore the possibilities offered by the platform for yourself.

  • Developer’s playground that offers insightful demos and allows you to play around with sample code to get a feel for the components.

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