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Use Interface X Components for Android library

Use Interface X Components for Android library

The Interface X Components library includes pre-built Android views to easily load and display data from the Empathy Search API.

The library builds on top of the Interface X Types library (x-types). It provides ViewModels for each view to easily populate with data and handle input events. These Jetpack ViewModels (opens new window) are used to easily connect to the search adapter (x-adapter) to fetch data and perform actions, allowing the components to retain data across configuration changes.


For more information on the dependencies of this library, see Integrate Interface X Components for Android.

Customize the X Components

The X Components offer style customization options via XML attributes and also with StyleCustomizer API at runtime.

Also, it is possible to perform functional customization creating a custom ViewHolder.

And of course, it is possible to create a specific repository to connect to any endpoint to retrieve the data.

Let's see this through the example of a specific component:


If you use the Interface X Components for Android library, bear in mind that it uses Material elements. Make sure that you use a Material theme (opens new window) in your application before adding the components. For more information, see Install the project dependencies.