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Try the Empathy Platform Self-managed Components

Try Empathy Platform Self-managed Components (SmC)

Getting started with Self-managed Components

Start trying the Empathy Platform search and discovery experiences with Self-managed Components (SmC):

Self-managed Components

Self-managed Components (SmC) is a set of the essential capabilities, features, and tools of Empathy Platform. As Empathy Platform is a product created on the foundations of the privacy-by-design principles, so is the SmC package. This privacy-compliant portable version of Empathy Platform has been ideated as an easy-to-download, deploy, and access search and discovery full experience.


Check out the Self-managed Components functional overview to get a general picture of this package.

Download, deploy, and enjoy SmC

Downloading, deploying, and accessing the SmC package isn't difficult at all. The downloadable SmC package includes:

  • An open-source sample catalogue with its corresponding indexing job.
  • An image for Elasticsearch.
  • A Docker image of the Empathy Platform's Search service.
  • A user interface built with Empathy Platform's open-source Interface X archetype.

Its deployment is as simple as executing a command in Docker. Enjoying the package will take the same amount of time as accessing different URLs.


Eager to start trying SmC? Learn how to download, deploy, and access the package.

Customize the SmC search experience

The SmC package is a starter set of the Empathy Platform search and discovery experiences you can implement in your business. But its possibilities don't end there. You can customize the catalogue and search configurations to adapt them to your requirements, leveraging the unlimited power of personalization.


Find out how to customize the SmC to make the most of your search and discovery experiences.

Unveil the SmC ecosystem

Unveil the SmC package elements to easily understand the potential this essential set offers. Analyze the SmC architecture and elements to leverage disruptive, privacy-first search and discovery experiences.


Dive deep into the elements conforming the SmC ecosystem and unveil its architecture.