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Discover Self-managed Components

A starter package to extend first-hand Empathy Platform

Self-managed Components (SmC) is an Empathy Platform's basic and flexible set of elements for developers to adapt the search and discovery experiences to specific business needs, following the Self-managed Components model's concept. These components are packed in a way that your developers' team can deploy, test, and customize a basic version of Empathy Platform's privacy-minded search and discovery experiences on your own infrastructure.

Self-managed Components overview

SmC is a lightweight, easy-to-deploy package that puts the power of Empathy Platform directly in the hands of your search engineers and developers. It allows your development teams to integrate, test, and experiment with Empathy Platform's search and discovery capabilities, features, and tools in your own systems. The configuration can be modified to allocate resources as needed, develop new features on top of Empathy Platform's APIs, and help improve the documentation and onboarding experiences for the Empathy developers' community.

Empathy Platform provides responsible & privacy-first AI-powered search and discovery services with a variety of setup options available for companies of all sizes with diverse needs and requirements. Thus, the level of control over the product is the most determinant aspect. Following this commitment and way of thinking, the SmC model gives developers full control over the operation and deployment of Empathy Platform's components. With SmC, developers can:

  • Deploy Empathy Platform main components with a single command on any machine.
  • Explore Empathy Platform's APIs, Search service, and other developers' tools.
  • Customize and extend Empathy Platform's functionalities to meet specific needs.
  • Contribute back to the project and collaborate with the community.

Key search capabilities

The SmC package includes the following Empathy Platform search and contextualization capabilities:

Key features and tools

The SmC package includes the following Empathy Platform search and discovery features and tools to improve shoppers' experience and support merchandisers in achieving key commerce goals:

Using the Empathy Platform's self-managed components, developers can leverage these key capabilities, features, and tools to create highly customized and engaging search and discovery experiences.


Interested in downloading, deploying, and enjoying the SmC package? Read the Try the Empathy Platform Self-managed Components section to discover how to get started and much more!