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Renders a transition group wrapping the elements passed in the default slot and animating them with an staggered fade and slide animation.


Name Description Type Default
appear Indicates if the transition must be applied on the initial render of the node. boolean true


Name Description Bindings
(name - type - description)
default (Required) Transition-group content None

The Staggered fade and slide components works as the normal fade and slide components, but it also adds a configurable delay to each transition.


Used with animatable components

<AnimatableComponent :animation="StaggeredFadeAndSlide" />

Used as a regular component:

This components exposes all the props and events of the Staggering transition group, like the tag or the stagger props:

<StaggeredFadeAndSlide tag="ul" :stagger="50">
  <li>Element to animate</li>
  <li>Element to animate</li>
  <li>Element to animate</li>