Button that when it is pressed emits the UserPressedRemoveHistoryQuery event, expressing the user intention to remove a query in the history.


Name Description Type Default
historyQuery The historyQuery that will be removed when clicking the clear button. HistoryQuery


Name Description Bindings
(name - type - description)
default (Required) Button content with a text, an icon or both None


Basic Example

You can customize the content that this component renders. To do so, simply use the default slot.

<RemoveHistoryQuery :historyQuery="historyQuery">
  <img class="x-history-query__icon" src="./my-awesome-clear-icon.svg"/>


A list of events that the component will emit:

  • UserPressedRemoveHistoryQuery: the event is emitted after the user clicks the button. The event payload is the history query data.
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