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Design the ID Results UI experience

The Identifier Results UI component presents a type of search results intended for product reference codes. When shoppers start typing, a reference code query type is detected, and a list displays instantly with query-matching product results. When shoppers select an identifier result hint from the list, they go directly to the product detail page (PDP).

ID Results


ID Results are generated using a Search service that searches the product catalogue by ID. For a correct performance, make sure that your current search service supports this type of feature.


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Tailor the web experience

  • Configure the position and place it wherever you prefer. Combine it with the Empathize container display the ID Results below the search bar on shopper interaction.
  • Show as many ID Results as you want.
  • Animate the display of ID Results at your ease.
  • Customize content. Show whatever you need: text, images, icons.
  • Extend the performance with results-related components.
  • Meet your own code reference conventions and standards with multiple product reference patterns.


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