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Design the Popular Searches UI experience

The Popular Searches UI component displays what are the top search queries during a specific time. This type of suggestion can show up even before shoppers have started entering a query or when there are no search results to show.

Popular Searches


Popular Searches are generated using shopper behavior to determine the top searches for a given period. For a correct performance, make sure that your current search service supports this type of feature.


Can't quite capture the concept? Learn about Popular Searches.

Tailor the web experience

  • Configure the position and place it wherever you prefer. Combine it with the Empathize container to display Popular Searches below the search bar on shopper interaction.
  • Show as many popular search terms results as you want.
  • Animate the display of Popular Searches at your ease.
  • Customize content. Show whatever you need: text, images, icons.


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