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Design the My History UI experience

The My History UI component displays the complete list of history queries, allowing shoppers to reuse previously searched queries.

My History


Can't quite capture the concept? Learn more about My History.

From the frontend perspective, My History is a UI component that specifically manages the display of a list of history search suggestions. To display a dashboard featuring shoppers' data privacy and control, My History is combined with other UI elements and components, such as a toggle switch for shoppers to enable or disable search history.

Search data storage

To show the complete list of history queries, My History component uses the history records saved on the shopper’s browser local history. See Interface X data privacy and browser local storage to check out the information stored locally on the shopper’s device.

Tailor the web experience

  • Configure the position and place it wherever you prefer.
  • Layout the list of history queries as you want.
  • Customize date and time format.
  • Animate the display of My History dashboard at your ease.
  • Customize content. Show whatever you need: text, images, icons...


Configuration options here only apply to tailor the My History component, which provides a way to display the full list of history queries. Other UI elements that comprise the My History feature can be configured as well. Check a complete list of UI components in the Interface X Components UI Reference.


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