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Launch the indexing process

Once your feed file is ready, it's time to lunch the catalogue indexing process. To do so, send a POST request to the following Index API's endpoint:


Understand the path parameters

Parameters Description
{INDEX_URL} Index API's URL. Consider using:
  • https://api.staging.empathy.co/index/v1 for staging environment
  • https://api.empathy.co for production environment
  • {siteId} Your Empathy Platform instance's ID, usually provided by your Key Account Manager.
    {clientToken} Your client ID in Empathy Platform, usually provided by your Key Account Manager.
    {feedId} Your feed file's name.

    Both staging and production environments return results. When you test the feed file's indexing in staging environment, you can check this link to ensure your request has been completed successfully: https://api.staging.empathy.co/services/jobs/{clientToken}


    Check the Index management API page to know more about the index APIs for job management and statuses.