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Request a new instance

As an Empathy partner, you can request a new instance directly from the Empathy Platform Playboard.

You request an instance from the Instances page when you log into the Playboard. You enter a display name for the instance and any comments to be considered when creating the new instance.


Only Playboard users with permissions for Instance Management can request a new instance.

Request an instance

To request an instance:

  1. Click Request instance.
  2. Enter a descriptive name in Instance display name.
  3. If you have any comments or need to request access for other users, you can enter this information in the Comments field.
  4. Click Send.

You will receive an email when the instance has been created, which includes the instance ID for the customer’s new instance and a link to log into the Empathy Platform and access the Instance Management to continue configuring the instance setup.


When you access Instance Management in the Playboard main menu, you view the configuration for the current instance.
To edit the configuration for other instances, you need to change the instance by returning to the Instance landing page or using the Instance tab and clicking one of the instances listed.