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Fine-tune the search and discovery experience

Ensuring an optimized search and discovery experience that aligns with your business strategy is crucial to reducing the distance between your product catalogue and your shoppers. Is there a gap between your shoppers’ needs and how your product catalogue is presented? Do shoppers’ queries return no results despite having what they are looking for in your catalogue? Do you want to promote a specific product instead of the best-sellers in the first positions on the SERP to drive your branding strategy?

Fine-tune the search and discovery experience

Empathy Platform Playboard provides you with a set of advanced configuration tools to easily fine-tune the search and discovery experience on your own through no-code controls:

Find the search configuration tools all displayed together within the Play section in the Search tab of the Playboard menu. For navigation experience controls, use the Navigation tab in the Playboard.

Product results optimization tools

Play with product results and adapt them to your business needs. Use the optimization tools to control how product results are ranked on the SERP according to your business strategy, help shoppers to discover featured products or brands by promoting them on the SERP, and even guide your shoppers to what they’re looking for despite not using the same search terms as in your product catalogue.

Search experience customization tools

Enrich the search and discovery experience to connect your shoppers with your product catalogue. You can control and decide which search suggestions are displayed to your shoppers and even prevent specific search terms from being displayed as suggestions.

Configure the whole browsing experience in the same tool. Change facet labels, choose the order in which filters appear, and promote product attributes and specific products on the product listing page (PLP).


Use the Playboard's Activity Stream tool to monitor and control all the changes that have been done through the search and navigation tools.