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Boost and bury multiple products with Quick Boosting

Quick Boosting is a functionality of the Query Ranking management tool that you can find in the Empathy Platform Playboard. When creating or editing a query ranking configuration, you can boost or bury, for one or several queries, more than one product at the same time by using product IDs to place them in the first or last positions of the search engine results page (SERP). You can select a specific date-time range for which you want to boost or bury the products too. You can also apply filters to determine the conditions when the boosted or buried products are shown.

Boosting and burying multiple products

To start working with Quick Boosting, go to the Query Ranking management tool of your Empathy Platform Playboard. Then, follow the steps explained here below to boost or bury multiple products at a time:

  1. Decide whether the configuration is turned on or off. Switch the toggle button if you want the equalize configuration to be off for now.


    If you turn off the configuration, you can turn it on later on using the action tools in the query ranking list screen.

  2. Enter a name and select the filters to customize the scenario for your configuration (for example, language: English). Filters are determined by your implementation.

  3. Define the query or queries your configuration relates to.

  4. Expand the Products Settings section of the Query Ranking management tool and click the Quick Boosting button. A window appears and there you can boost or bury the products. You can cancel the action by clicking outside the window or clicking the X icon.

  5. Optionally, select the filters to apply to all products. For example, you select the device filters “iOS” and “Android”.

  6. Determine the schedule to apply for the boost or bury, if required. For example, you add a schedule “02/05/2023 12:00 AM to 05/06/2023 12:00 AM”. Otherwise, select the Always active option.

  7. Enter the product IDs for all the products to be boosted or buried. To enter more than one product ID, use ; as a separator. For example, enter “3397;3398;3399” to boost or bury products with IDs 3397, 3398, and 3399.

  8. Click Boost or Bury depending on whether you want to force the product to be listed first or last in the results.

  9. When the Quick Boosting window closes, check that all products appear in the Settings panel and click Save to keep the configuration.

Changing Quick Boosting settings

While Quick Boosting lets you boost or bury several products at the same time, if you want to change the schedule or filters applied to the products or remove the boost or bury after you create it, you must edit or delete each product individually in the product list.

Quick Boosting considerations

Make sure you enter valid product IDs. Product IDs are not checked against the product catalogue. If you enter an invalid product ID, it will be ignored. All other valid product IDs are added to the product list.

Products with conflicts are highlighted in red. A conflict may occur due to an existing product boost or bury. For example:

  • A product may have been boosted with an always active schedule and you try to create a new boost or bury for the same product ID, duplicating the product boost.
  • A product may have been buried with a schedule and you try to create a new product bury with an always active schedule. You cannot boost or bury products with conflicts.

In these cases, you should remove the product from the Product ID field to save the configuration for the remaining products, and revise the existing configuration for the product ID in the product list.