Empathy Platform Product Roadmap

Transparency is everything...

For Empathy, the path to a privacy-first search & discovery experience is clear. The product roadmap is Empathy's shared source of truth for open innovation projects (opens new window), based on collaboration, trust, sharing, and partnership, and about the vision and direction for Empathy Platform and how the product has evolved over time.

A living roadmap, open and ready to explore unbinding and disruptive ideas.

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  • Empathy Platform: Projects to enhance and extend the services, features, and tools in Empathy Platform for building ethical commerce search and discovery experiences.
  • Open innovation AI: Projects to leverage the power of AI focusing on decentralization, experiences, and ethics, enhanced with AI-powered mechanisms such as semantics, Large Language Models, Machine Learning, Generative AI, and Learning-to-rank and Retrieval-augmented generation technologies, among others.
  • Open innovation: Projects spinning around three main axes: Explainability to throw light on what, how, and why merchandisers achieve their goals with customizable scenarios; Privacy to inform, advise, and empower them to be aware of the risks of data safeguarding, integrity defense, and other societal harms; and Relevance to guide and help shoppers find what they really look for with joy, transparency, and consent integrity.
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