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Predictive layer overview

Focusing the search experience

In brick-and-mortar shopping, personal shoppers are a constant source of ideas, leading shoppers directly to the products that interest them most, offering inspiration, and taking into account previous shopping trips and products acquired. The predictive layer brings the personal shopper experience to the online world, helping to inspire shoppers with suggestions, offering ideas on where to start, and remembering what shoppers have searched for before.

The predictive layer comes into play before the search process starts. It features search suggestions and recommendations all together below the Search Box to neatly organize the search experience for your shoppers.

Predictive layer

Before the shoppers start to type in the search box, it handily displays hints on what to search for. For returning shoppers, they can view their previous searches or be inspired by what other shoppers are searching for in the shop.

As they type, shoppers are surprised with new suggestions and hints related to the terms they enter in the search box, allowing them to select a proposal to refine their search. When they start their search or click a suggestion, the layer disappears, allowing them to switch their attention to what really matters to them: the results they are looking for.

Spot the difference

The predictive layer is more than just the search box or search bar. It’s the entire pre-search experience that accompanies shoppers before and during the search process. That's why it mostly displays suggestions and search hints such as Query Suggestions, History Queries, Popular Searches, Identifier Results, Recommendations, and Next Queries rather than Related Tags, which only appear after the search process is completed.

Try the Predictive Layer to...

  • Anticipate shoppers’ needs by offering search suggestions close to the search box for a smooth experience.
  • Help your shoppers to easily find what they are looking for using the advanced search capabilities available in your shop.
  • Show and hide the list of search suggestions and recommendations on shopper interaction.
  • Transparently display shoppers' previous searches, so they can resume any searches they might have temporarily abandoned.