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Results on the SERP

Displaying what your shoppers want to find

The search engine results page (SERP) typically contains organic results. In other words, product results (C) that appear as a result of the search engine’s algorithm, considered to be the overall best, most relevant results for a given search query. Displaying product results is a big deal. It's not only about returning matching products, it’s also about presenting the product results smartly. Leverage and tailor how you display product results with a set of different frontend elements.

Results on the SERP

Types of results on the SERP
(A) Promotion banners, (B) Promoted results, (C) Product results, (D) Recommendations or Next Queries

The SERP can include other elements to guide shoppers to the information they want. You can feature promotion banners (A) that span the width of the results grid and promoted results (B) displayed like other product results, intended to highlight promotions shown in specific landing or category pages. For example, a banner referring to special occasions such as Valentine’s Day with a link to a dedicated blog post on gift ideas or an image of a television on sale that links to the product detail page (PDP).


Promotion banners and promoted results show up on the SERP when shoppers search for specific queries. You can set up promotion banners and promoted results for a particular query or all queries using the Promotion management tool in the Empathy Platform Playboard. See Feature promotions on the SERP to learn how to determine the queries for which you want to display the promotion.

In addition to these types of results, other advanced discovery features such as Recommendations and Next Queries (D) can be showcased on the SERP next to product results.

Shoppers expect to always receive a bunch of results when searching. However, when dealing with long or complex queries, they may find no results. Depending on the type of business and catalogue, you may choose to return partial results instead, providing product results corresponding to terms close to those of the search. Showing results that partially match the query to minimize your shoppers’ frustration.

Use results to...

  • Help your shoppers find the products they’re looking for easily.
  • Leverage advanced search features such as Recommendations and ID Results.
  • Offer a smooth shopping experience by adding images and helpful result-related information.