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Be inspired by your shoppers' journey

Search and navigation data is an incredibly valuable asset and one often overlooked and under-exploited by online retailers. But when faced with realms and realms of raw data, knowing where to start and make sense of it all is complicated.

Insights helps you to harness search and navigation data by using sophisticated intelligence and analysis to produce inspiring data visualizations and get significant information. They not only provide a visual big picture, but also stimulate creativity and ideas, allowing you to analyze, decipher, and capitalize on commerce search data. You can better understand your shoppers and drive appropriate actions based on their behavior, interactions, and search patterns so that they feel understood and enjoy a personalized shopping experience.


Visualize data to find actionable insights

With Empathy Platform's Insights features, each data visualization is carefully chosen and crafted to provide you an instant view of the patterns in data or to allow you explore reasons for disparity, combining different data visualization types such as mosaic plots, bubble clouds, and stream graphs to give you the full picture.

Through a better understanding of data, KPIs, and shoppers’ behavior, you can make more informed decisions, anticipate trends, and detect opportunities. Get closer to your shoppers by taking advantage of the actionable search information that Insights brings at your fingertips. Promote those products your shoppers may find relevant based on the data gained on your shoppers' searches and the products that engaged them most. What’s more, you can improve search and discovery performance and enhance shopper experience straightaway with the Empathy Platform Playboard's tools.

Data visualizations for multiple perspectives

Insights includes visual representations of all datasets available for Empathy Platform, following a data-driven storytelling approach, so that you can analyze search performance from different perspectives:

  • Overall: Understand the search evolution over time with success metrics based on the number of sessions, queries, and queries per session, as well as CTR, findability, add to cart, and checkout. Identify search dead-ends with no results. Explore the data for a custom date, the last 30 days, 7 days, or today. Filter it by other custom fields such as language or device and visualize the queries distribution. Compare the information shown with the previous period or year over year.
  • Queries: Learn about the search evolution of the queries entered in your commerce storye or about a specific query. Analyse significant data directly related to it such as CTR, findability, add to cart, checkout, and no results. You can narrow the data analytics displayed with queries related to the main one. You can also filter by date and other custom fields such as language or device.
  • Now: Explore the queries used in the last 15 minutes, one hour, or 12 hours. Hover over the data bubbles to view how many times a query has been used by shoppers, how many clicks have been made per query, and how many times a query has resulted in a shopping dead-end. Knowing what your shoppers are searching for but not finding is just as important as knowing what your shoppers are finding to keep your shoppers engaged. Learn more about Now dataviz in Visualize query performance with Now.
  • Categories: Focus on the performance of each product category for the last week in the search experience. Navigate around the clickable treemap to explore the KPIs you’re interested in for each category—Queries, Findability, and Add to Cart. Data from the selected category is interactively displayed and listed per query. In addition, you can download the data related to any category for further analysis.
  • Origins: Understand the source of shoppers' search experience over the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or custom range. Scroll through the animated visualization to reveal the search path shoppers take to find what they're looking for. Knowing whether your shoppers use organic queries or they opt for any predictive and refinement search features helps you to detect shopping patterns and drive actions on the definition of your product catalogue and search and discovery features. Learn more about Origins dataviz in Visualize search journey with Origins.
  • Terms: Detect popular terms used in search queries over the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or custom range to anticipate future shoppers’ searches with relevant suggestions. Learn more about Terms dataviz in Visualize search trends with Terms.
  • Semantics: Compare the performance of queries originally offering zero results or low results before and after the Semantics service is leveraged. The Semantics service is a fallback mechanism that helps shoppers overcome dead ends and discover search and product alternative options. Dive deep into each query and its semantically-related suggestions and discover how the Semantics service increased shoppers' interactions in your commerce store. Learn more about Semantics dataviz in Visualize queries performance with Semantics.


For more information on how to take action from insightful and deeply analyzed data, see Analyze the search & discovery experience.

Spot the difference

Empathy Platform Playboard provides automated and tailored reports on an unlimited amount of data that are clear, succinct, shopper centric, and playable. However, you can access data in different ways. Insights provides a unique entry point to data, producing visualizations that make it easier to interpret what you’re seeing and generate implementable ideas to improve, enhance, and personalize the shopping experience. Empathy Platform Playboard’s Analytics brings you the raw data needed to track the evolution of your search with meaningful metrics and KPIs such as CTR, add-to-cart, and findability.

design tip

Curious about the world of data visualization? Check out Imagine your data (opens new window), Empathy’s R&D initiative that explores how to humanize data.

Try Insights to…

  • Improve and personalize shoppers’ experience by interpreting data easily.
  • Turn complex data into actionable ideas.
  • Detect patterns in shopper intent through your data.
  • Pinpoint trends in search query usage.
  • Identify search queries and terms that you need to optimize to get better results.
  • Compare the performance of queries with zero or low results before and after Semantics.